Urban Paris Pilgrimage: Where sole greets soul….

photo 62
I’ve been absent from writing for a few months. Yet, here I am, showing up to the page, letting you lovely readers know that there is one spot remaining for our Urban Paris Pilgrimage: where sole greets soul, May 2 – 9, 2015.photo 64

Why I’ve been absent from the page is a long list of summer wanderings, ponderings, other interests and activities, and a simple, straight forward ‘not quite sure what to write.’ I have a variety of poems that sit in my ‘office’ – loose leaf, typed, printed, edited, in a large file folder – simply waiting. They’ve been calling to me again and so, here for your reading pleasure….


To Paris Planningphoto 33

Hip hip hooray!

I’m going to Paris in May

With my dear friend Kayce

And six other souls

We’ll be strolling and walkingphoto 63

Meandering a foot

With intentions and soul connecting

And pastries to bootphoto 61

With a rhythm that will delight and entice your soul

And meals that gift your senses with taste appeal

From the Tuileries To Notre Dame

With la Tour Eiffel as your nearby friend

A week of hospitality to your soul

The Marais, Montmartre, St. Germaine des Pres

Are they perhaps calling you out to play?

Here’s the link:






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