Ode to a Headache

It seems a little odd to be penning an ode to you

You are bothersome, annoying

And linger about the front of my head

I rather wish you’d be gone

Yet, here you are

Lingering about, making your home with me

You have a pattern about you

A way in which you present yourself each month

Around mid afternoon you gently begin

Your ‘hello’ greeting

‘Ah, hello again,’ I whisper back

I was rather hoping you wouldn’t visit this time.

I shall take my Tylenol

And drink my water

And wonder why you’ve come.

Since you’re here, I’ll welcome you in

And give you a warm handshake

Perhaps a hug,

But that would be a stretch.

I’ll then let you go

Asking you to leave

Would you please take your departure?

I know that you don’t like to leave

‘Parting is such sweet sorrow’, you whisper

‘Alas’, I say

All goodbyes must be said

Until next time

Perhaps you could mist your way through the morning fog

Or fly off on the fingertips of twilight

And on into the greying sky.


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