6 Little Monklings…

DSCN2345Six litte monklings went out to play,DSCN2324

Following their Abbess into the woods for the day.

With a hike and a walk and a ponder and a muse,

They came upon a swing and they had to choose.DSCN2351

And they swung so high,

And they giggled with glee,

As they played and  laughed for all to see,

Then they hiked  some more

And came upon a bench,

DSCN2357Where they opened up  their picnic and  feasted with exuberance.DSCN2347


(best when hummed or sung along to the tune, “Six little ducks went out to play.”)DSCN2361

Also, TM  ‘monkling’ to John Paintner – fellow monk on this Vienna pilgrimage and master creator of the word.DSCN2359DSCN2323


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