Ode to Vienna

photo 45You have surprised me with your ancient beauty.photo 52

My eyes are opened and enriched; drawn toward and in as my gaze lands softly upon your face.

My heart has welcomed new friends through paintings that call my name photo 50unexpectedly and stop me in my tracks.

My ears are gently opened by the symphony outside my apartment window:

The rhythmic clop-clop-clop as the horses hooves hit the cobblestone keyboard,

The percussion of the whir of the traffic and the beeping of a truck in reverse

Combine with the gentle gongs of the church steeples bells.

My taste buds are awakened through the slow and warming sip of brewed morning coffee,

A slice of cheese on toast, and slivers of strawberries and pear all gleaned from the Naschmarkt bounty.photo 46

My heart is captivated by the stillness and solitude of the cemetery,

photo 47The look of a souls history in the stone eyes of the maiden statue.

The grace and elegance of history sculpted into forms that touch my deep longing,

Stir my soul and awaken me into becoming.

My love of community and journeying with fellow pilgrims is being gently unwrapped each day,

Like soft layers of tissue paper carrying a precious gift.photo 48

From the deep inner recesses of my heart and soul

photo 51I bow and give thanks to you, Vienna.photo 49


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