A Foodie Find in Albuquerque, N.M.

This morning I ate the best Croque Madame – ever! And I have sampled my fair share of these delectable breakfast/brunch items in various locations around the world, and this one topped the entire lot. If you ever find yourself in Albuquerque,  make your way to The Grove Cafe and Market, 600 E. Central Ave (www.thegrovecafemarket.com). I happened to find myself in this somewhat off the beaten path location, because my eldest daughter, who attends Seattle University,  is throwing the indoor weight throw at the WAC indoor championship being held here at the Convention Center. Ever since my children were born, no matter what the occasion, be it ballet recitals, soccer games, jazz band performances, drama productions, basketball games or track events, I’ve done what I can to watch them participate. It brings a deep joy and delight to my soul to cheer them on and be a part of the wonder of their unfolding stories and lives. This time I was able to work things in my schedule to come here and see her participate in this event.  She doesn’t compete until this afternoon so I did a  little wandering and exploring in the city this morning. The downtown area, where I’m staying at the Hotel Andaluz (nice, clean, comfortable, convenient location) is kind of sketchy. I passed my fair share of homeless and down and out looking characters on my walk to the cafe this morning. I don’t tend to be nervous or overly cautious about traveling and walking places, but this was a unique and somewhat unsettling experience. Let’s just say, that I won’t be walking about in the dark this evening. I was pleasantly surprised when I walked into the Grove Cafe and Market. It’s a fun, open area space where you place your order at the main counter and then find yourself a table. Your order is then delivered to your table. YUM!!!! Seriously. ImageImageImage


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