Fun and fog

photo 21Today in Seattle we were  experiencing a high fog alert. Haven’t heard of this before. I decided to take my trusty walking companion, Libby, down to Greenlake for some fun in the fog. I’ve posted before about a favorite line from  Macrina Wiederkehr’s poem, Child of Wonder: “When, during the wee hours of the night you drive slowly into the new day and the morning’s fog, like angel wings hovers mysteriously above you, take off your shoes!”  photo 22This line of poetry changed my perspective on fog. photo 23Now it brings with it a deeper sense of wonder, mystery, imagery and fun. I didn’t literally take my shoes off on my walk today, but I had fun taking photos, watching the fog shift and move and looking at it with a different perspective. I tend to get over introspective and rather hard on myself in my head, so today I practiced having fun with the fog and not taking myself so 24



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  1. lisa w says:

    ‘like angel wings’ indeed. Thanks for this today. ‘Glad you kept your shoes on.

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