Giddy in San Francisco

It feels somewhat surreal to be sitting here in the park at Hyde St Pier after 15 years since moving to Seattle from the bay area in California. I find myself reflecting on memories, friendships, experiences and the births of both my daughters. They were born in Santa Rosa in 1992 and 1994. Dave and I Iived north of San Francisco for 8 years. We traveled in and out of the city frequently . Going to church at The Vineyard of SF, taking our family and friends on cable car rides, meals and tours in the city. No wonder our girls have memories of steep hills – we took them dozens of times in baby backpacks and strollers on the cable car ride back and forth from Union Square to Fisherman’s Wharf. We lived in Novato, Larkspur, San Anselmo and San Rafael. I have wonderful memories and friendships gathered in each of those homes. Parties abundant were shared with our friends in our backyard pool at our home in San Rafael. We owned a small motor boat with our dear friends The Nichols and took day adventures up the Petaluma River, to Angel Island and one memorable 4th of July out on the bay, in the fog, sipping on hot chocolate. Many hours were spent with family and friends strolling the walkway in Sausalito and Tiburon, with ice cream at Lapperts and lunches at Spinnaker Restaurant and Guaymas. Times of sun and sand were shared at Stinson Beach with the Cahns, Lilley and Nichols families. I drove back and forth over the Golden Gate Bridge too many times to count and Bethany (my eldest) still remembers the ‘rainbow tunnel’. I find myself reflecting on ‘why did we move?’. From the sun and beauty of this place? It was a threshold we chose to cross to be closer to family, new job opportunities and the feelings that it was time for a change. I cherish the joy and sorrows of our time here in California. I am grateful for ‘California’ friendships and memories and thankful for the Washington friends and memories I now hold dear. Tonight Dave and I head north to Napa Valley to celebrate our 25th anniversary ( a month early :). We shared many a wine tasting adventure both in Napa and Sonoma with our kids (on picnics), family and friends. I have heart warming and uproariously laughter filled memories of taking Bethany Merwin and Sharon Vorous wine tasting to celebrate their 21st birthdays – what a hoot that day was. I remember with warmth and sadness wine tasting with my Dad and the fun we had post the great quake in 1989 when there was hardly a soul touring Napa. One of our favorite restaurants to eat at was ‘Travigne’. I think we’ll make a stop in there for memories sake. When I was a teenager, and my parents would remark on ‘how can it possibly be that 15-20 years have passed?’ I used to think they were kind of weird. Now I understand šŸ™‚


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