“…the way is made by walking.”

“…the way is made by walking” Antonio Machado. I’m a walker and love this phrase. One of my favorite places in Seattle to walk is Greenlake. Libby, my 10 year old black lab, is my contemplative walking partner. I’ve walked the lake with her since she was a tiny puppy. She’s accompanied me on runs, walks, solo and with others. Today, my camera accompanied me on our walk and the following three shots are my favorites from this chilly, winter morning. Today I was thinking of and holding in prayer friends who are going through a difficult time. I also gave time and space to allow my thoughts and mind to wander, and gave my eyes license and permission to take in beauty in whichever way it came. The path through the trees struck me as I held the above phrase in my mind while walking and gazing. The light shimmering off the lake and the barren branches of the tree reminded me that although I may at times feel stripped, barren and cold; there is light, hope and life shimmering in the depths.


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