Whistler, Dec. 20 – 22, 2011

Growing up in Vancouver, B.C. I had the wonderful opportunity of skiing at Whistler in the late 1970’s and early 80’s. This was pre-village era, when going up the mountain meant you turned right off of the Sea to Sky Highway at the Husky station, parked your car, and rode the Gondola up the mountain at Creekside.

I remember one Christmas in particular, when I was about 16 years old. My mom, dad, brother and I were staying with some family friends who owned a condo just around the corner from the Husky station. There was tons of snow that Christmas and when we arrived and started unloading all of our ‘supplies’ my mom accidentally dropped the frozen turkey. I’ve never seen a turkey slide so fast. It skidded down the slight slope on the icy road, hit a bump, flew in the air and landed neck down in the snow bank. We were all laughing pretty hard and my brother and I chased down the runaway turkey, pulled it out of the snow bank, and discovered it was missing a leg – somewhere the leg jettisoned off and was no where to be found. It still tasted all right on Christmas Day 🙂

This year we didn’t lose a turkey down the road, nor were we staying at Creekside. We’ve taken our family of 5 a few times up to Whistler and this year decided to journey up for 2 nights and one day of boarding/skiing while visiting the rest of our relatives in Vancouver. Dave found us a great 2 bedroom/2 plus bath condo (Valhalla #57) across the street from the Marketplace and IGA grocery store. Our girls weren’t skiing with us this time – they decided to hang out, wander the village and chill. Dave, Nate and I were skiing and boarding and purchased discounted passes at the 7 Eleven, next to McDonalds, in Sqaumish on our drive up. We arrived mid day on the 20th, checked in and unpacked and then wandered about the village which was walking distance from our condo. There’s an outdoor ice rink that was installed for the Olympics. We didn’t skate but wandered past on our way to dinner at Earls (our kids love to eat at Earls in Vancouver when we visit – they have good quality food at a reasonable price: burgers, pasta, steak, good beer). After dinner we hit up the movie theater where it was discount Tuesday and saw the 2nd Sherlock Holmes movie, very fun. After that it was to bed for a good night rest for the 3 of us who were up the next day to ski and board. They hadn’t had much new snow in a while and we were fortunate to get the first clear day in a week – it was beautiful. We skiied Whistler in the morning, met for lunch around noon at the Roundhouse, rode the Peak to Peak chair over to Blackcomb for the afternoon and then skiied all the way down to end out the day around 3:30ish. Wonderful.

Dave and Nate were tuckered out and starting to battle colds so they picked up Greek food over at the Marketplace and watched hockey while the girls and I headed out for fantastic pasta at Umberto’s in the Village (close to the Keg). We had fun chatting, hanging out, laughing and catching up on their events of the day and then wandered our way back to the condo, enjoying the chilly night air. 


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