Giddy in Paris, Day 2

My good friend, Jenifer, was able to join me for a day. She was on route home to Seattle after a weeks holiday in Spain. We’ve known each other for 14 years and share a love of French food, travel and adventure.

The sun reflecting off of Jen’s red hair caught my eye, “Bonjour and welcome to Paris!”

“Oh my gosh!” she exclaimed as I bear hugged her from behind.

There were a few startled onlookers and an elderly woman muttering something about ‘those crazy Americans’ as we exuberantly greeted one another.

“Ready for lunch?” I inquired as we linked arms and strolled along Rue Cler.

“Absolutely,” Jen replied. “Where do you recommend my friend?”

“I know just the place.”

Cafe du Marche on Rue Cler is one of my favorite local haunts. We sat down and ordered une coupe de champagne (glass of champagne): as it is imperative to being one’s first meal with a glass of champagne (at least in this besotted with Paris, writer’s opinion).

My confit du canard avec pommes de terres (crispy dug leg with roasted potatoes) and green salad was delicious. One of my favorite boulangeries (bakeries) is kitty corner to the restaurant so a stop in afterward for a tarte aux framboises (raspberry tart) was necessary. Arm in arm we strolled along the cobbled street admiring the displays in the shop windows, taking photos of the produce on display in the market and stopping in at the fromagerie (cheese shop) where we enjoyed inhaling the ripe, pungent and decadent smells.

In an intentionally non-American farewell, we said our goodbyes French style: a light kiss passed quickly over both cheeks.

Au revoir, Sharon, wish I’d had more time to see Paris through your eyes. I’m looking forward to hearing more about your foodie adventures.”



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  1. very good, Sharon! Keep writing. I’m enjoying reading your work.

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