The Magician

I entitled this collage, ‘The Magician’ because it feels like the circus to me 🙂 It reminds me to not take my self too seriously (something I forget about), to embrace life and all its magical mystery, and to let go of my own presupposed assumptions, plans and over planning. I love the images that captured my eye when I was composing this collage: the woman splashing what looks like milk on her face (this makes me laugh), and the dog lifting weights over his head. There are some smaller images on this collage that attract my attention as well: the man on the cart, the old italian vase, the colors of blue and purple, and the tiny image above the vase of an open door, crossing a threshold into what looks like a beautifully lit garden. The Magician is a little bit like the Holy Spirit to me from my Christian faith tradition. Full of whimsy, mystery, magic, laughter, light and presence. I’d like to live in Paris someday, for a year or more, and I’d like to write a novel. Both of those projects/goals feel like they need a bit of magic in them to unfold and transpire. I’ve been working on my novel on and off and am registered to take a writing class here in Seattle in the fall. My hopes for Paris fall into a longing and desire I have to live there and to facilitate self-care, travel, and discovery retreats for women. I’m not sure how that is going to unfold so I’m embracing the whimsy, mystery, and magic of the magician and Holy Spirit to see how that may all unfold. This again reminds me to laugh, not take myself too seriously, splash stuff on my face, humor at the probable impossibility of a dog lifting weights and look toward open doors.


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