Dinner in Paris

Dinner in Paris is truly a remarkable thing. Just remembering meals I’ve enjoyed causes me to salivate.  There are multiple restaurants in Paris and lots of websites, foodie reviews, and travel books to research them all. You can go for the high end 5 star plus with Michelin stars to lots of bistros and other restaurants with delicious meals for non ridiculous prices. In this post you’ll read about some of my favorite spots from my recent spring visit. Here’s to eating in Paris, sante!

Bistrot D’Henri, 16 rue Princesse, 01 46 33 51 12. Dave and I, along with our kids, and other friends who we’ve been fortunate enough to meet in Paris, have ventured to this fabulous bistro a number of times. It’s traditional French bistro fare with delicious entrees (appetizers), and equally delicious plats (entrees). From pigeon to quail, to 7 hour cooked lamb to various different fish dishes this is a delightfully consistent bistro to visit. There is a regular menu and a chalkboard menu. If you go, order from the chalkboard: there you will find listed the most recent and fresh house specialities. The bistro is typically Parisian with lots of people packed into a very small space. I love it. This last trip I enjoyed an entree of avocado with fresh crab and a small salad, followed by a 7 hour slow roasted leg of lamb accompanied by pommes dauphine (succulent scalloped potatoes) followed by their classic creme brulee for dessert. Typically the price is $32 euros for three courses. Absolutely yummy and I would recommend heading to the neighborhood early or allowing time to wander around after as it’s located in a very fun, people filled area that comes alive at night.

Willi’s Wine Bar, 13 Rue des Petits Champs, 01 42 61 05 09. Dave and I have enjoyed so many delicious dinners at this spot. 35 euros tends to be their consistent price for a 3 course meal of entree, plat and dessert. This time I dined on an avocado and crab entree followed by pintade (pigeon).  I enjoy this particular spot because it is consistently delicious and the atmosphere is wonderful: smaller, comfortable and I’m often surrounded by people speaking French (I love the cadence of the language).

Bistrot a Vin Jacques Melac, 42 rue Leon Frot, 01 43 70 59 27. This was our first time venturing out to this bistrot and it was wonderful. We were surrounded by people speaking French, small wooden tables and chairs, and delicious food. I dined on a salad with fresh goat cheese, olive oil and chives followed by a pave de boeuf with a delectable gorgonzola sauce and slivered roasted potatoes. The added fun piece to this bistro was that we weren’t sure which red wine we wanted to have with dinner so they brought us the 3 bottles that we couldn’t decide on and poured samples for each of us to try – yummy 🙂

La Regalade St. Honore, 123 Rue St. Honore, 01 42 21 92 40. This was the first time that Dave and I were able to get to this location. We’ve been a few other times to their first La Regalade location and always enjoyed it. I was thrilled when Dave said that he was able to get us a reservation at this, their second location, as it’s closer to the center of Paris. My favorite part of this meal is the pot of pate, canister of pickles, and loaf of bread they bring to the table to start the meal off with it. The pate is a very traditional thick country french style that is absolutely superb slathered on a grainy, wheaty slice of thick french bread with a small gerkin type pickle on top – sublime. I managed to follow this with an entree of white asparagus with a poached egg on top, sauce and fresh herbs, followed by a plat of filet de dorade (white fish), covered in fresh spring vegetables. I dined on my favorite dessert this trip: rhubarb and fresh strawberries layered with mascarpone cheese and topped with a granola like crumble. Dave enjoyed a tuna entree, a cabillaud (cod) plat and a grand marnier souffle for dessert. Absolutely fabulous. Would highly recommend making a reservation if you happen to be in Paris.

Le Pantruche, 3 Rue Victor Masse, 01 48 78 55 60. This was our first visit to this bistro and I would head there again. It’s fun because it’s located in the Montmarte neighborhood so we ventured out earlier and before sitting down for dinner enjoyed a nice hike up the multiple stairs to Sacre Couer (the other famous church in Paris). There is a fantastic view from the steps of the church as you overlook the city. Montmartre is known for Moulin Rouge and other activities in the neighborhood. It isn’t my favorite spot to visit but it was worth the visit and the adventure to dine at this bistro. Again, there were lots of small, tightly packed tables and chairs, French speaking patrons and delicious fare at a reasonable price. I thoroughly enjoyed my oeuf (egg) with peppers and a smoked chili pepper cream sauce, caille (quail) avec legumes and an incredibly decadent moulten chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce for dessert. YUM!


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