Two bald eagles

Two bald eagles just flew right over my house.  They both flew close together, low to the roof of my house, then up  and over my neighbors towards Lake Washington. Eagles speak to me of the presence of God. Years ago, I was spending time on Savory Island in Canada when a young bald eagle flew over my head at the beach and then landed on the front porch of a beach house. I watched in awe as the eagle stood on the deck staring at its reflection in the clean french door windows. I think he thought he’d found a friend. I was amazed at how large he was and how intently he watched his reflection. He didn’t notice me sitting there on the beach and I’m not sure how long I watched behind his back until something caught his attention and off he flew. I had a dream once where a very large eagle came and sat beside me on the edge of a cliff, looked at me, and then tucked me up underneath its wing and flew all over the world with me. It was a very powerful dream. In my dream I could actually feel the wind blowing over me as we were flying and could feel the softness of the eagles feathers against my skin. I awoke from that dream with a very real and deep sense of peace, protection, comfort and strength. At that time my brother was recovering from a cardiac arrest and neither the doctors, nor our family, knew if he would wake or not, and then even if and when he did, how he might be. The eagle in my dream communicated deeply to my soul that no matter what the outcome, I would be held and comforted. It is wonderful to write that my brother not only survived that traumatic event in his life, but continues to this day to live well, love life and be present in my life and my families. A few weeks ago I enjoyed another eagle encounter. I had taken some time to myself over in West Seattle to write, reflect, eat and walk. I had stopped in at Bakery Nouveau for a savory roasted duck sandwich and twice baked almond croissant and then had driven down to Alki Beach to go for a  walk. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon. For some reason I decided to turn my eyes away from the water and look up. There, circling above me and to my right was a beautiful bald eagle. He was soaring on the air currents, back and forth, back and forth. I stopped and stared. Not long after a woman stopped by and looked up as well and we both quietly watched the eagle soar overhead. After a few moments she said to me, “Thank you for stopping and watching that eagle. If you hadn’t  done that I would have never looked up”.


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  1. lisa says:

    I enjoyed the image of your dream: flying with the eagle and feeling the wind and feathers. I also was touched that the woman thanked you for stopping to look. good stuff.

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