Collage #1

About a year ago I was introduced to a collaging process called, ‘Soul Collage’. This intuitive collage process was begun by Seena B. Frost. You can find more info about this at Kayce Hughlett,  at Diamonds in the Soul, introduced some friends and I to the collaging process and it has captured my creative imagination and process. About 5 years ago I made my first collage on a larger canvas and have been creating with that as a soulful practice since then. I am now having a lot of fun and enjoying the practice of soul collage. This is one of my more recent soul collages as I tended to my interior feelings in regard to finding myself in a threshold space. One of the practices with soul collage is to ask the card: Who are you? For some people this may seem a bit odd/foreign/different but for me this opens up my inner writing core. As I sat with this card here is what emerged:

I am the one who invites you into the holy of holies. The door is unlocked and waiting, ready, inviting you to push upon it, cross the threshold and enter the great beckoning silence. Bring with you – nothing, as though you were completely naked. Enter this space, open the door, step across the threshold. Open your eyes, ears, body – all of your senses – to the depth, richness, beauty and wonder all contained yet un-contained in this magical spaciousness of graced holiness. Inhale deeply, as different scents tingle your nostrils: opening your lungs to deep breathing, inhalations, spaciousness of time. You are invited and welcomed in. You may linger and rest as long as you like. There is no hurry, no time, no expectation. You are completely alone; yet know that other sacred travelers have journeyed here before and although you may not see them, you can sense and feel their lingering presence. Come in, come in. Breathe, rest, wonder, touch, linger, question, wait….you can stay as long as you like.


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