Belief and mystery

I believe in the mystery of the kingdom of God;  in the power of silence and prayer for the world. I believe and embrace the mystery of communion with God – of eating God’s flesh and drinking His blood (with the complete awareness that this sounds kind of ludicrous and barbaric). I believe in children: their freedom, spontaneity, playfulness, joy, delight, laughter, strength and courage. I believe that God is always, in all ways, at work on and in the earth. I believe in art and nature and that they radiate truth and healing and  speak individually and collectively to the soul. I believe that I am loved and cherished extravagantly, by God. “Unspoken truth is spoken everywhere…God’s word vaults across the skies, from sunrise to sunset, melting ice, scorching deserts, warming hearts to faith.” I believe that God weeps over the pain and suffering in our world, and accompanies us in the journey. I believe that God partners with us in extravagantly loving, and merciful ways, and showers us with grace, compassion, mercy, joy and power. I believe that God is present in all of creation. I believe in the mystery of the kingdom of God.


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