25 year reunion

This past weekend I reconnected with my high school graduating class of 1981. Oh my goodness, I had way more fun than I thought I was going to. I connected up with some wonderful friends who I hadn’t hung out with in years, met some of my friends kids (now that was absolutely wonderful), stayed out late, chatted away and revisited some wonderful and hilarious memories. I am really glad and thankful that I went. My high school experience was actually pretty good. I had a really good group of friends who were real, had wonderful senses of humor, worked hard and enjoyed life. On Sunday morning when I woke up, after staying out late and celebrating with my fellow graduates, I sat on my parents deck and reveled in feeling thankful. It was really great to see people, listen, find out what they were up to in life, where they were living, etc. Some of my favorite parts were reconnecting with Jane (and meeting her two wonderful daughters), sipping wine with Alison (and sharing fun memories with her two daughters) and chatting with Catherine (hard to believe that she has two teenage children, wow). So fun and good. I hope that my kids have good memories and experiences of their high school years, that would be cool.


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