What is ‘Spiritual Direction’ ?

This is my question. At least, not in the sense of understanding it so much, as me being able to come to my own working language definition of what I experience spiritual direction to be. It’s not so much directional in the sense of having a destination in mind, like finding the end destination on a map or journey, but more about noticing the direction and movement of God both in my life and others. In that sense then there is not an end so much as an accompaniment on a journey. I like listening to others; their encounters and experiences with God, what they are wondering about, how they find prayer to be or not, what are their dreams, hopes, desires,etc. Spiritual direction  is about accompanying another in the ordinariness of life and helping notice the calling forth of life and breath from God. It’s about listening with another for the movement of the divine in each others lives and experiencing a deeper ‘knowing’ that God is present at all times.


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