Another day in Bangalore, India

>Today was a very fun and interesting day, full off many mini movies in my mind and so much to write about that I’ll just pick a few. This morning Dave, myself, Vikas (lives her and works for Unitus here in Bangalore), Jayme (Unitus, Wa employee) Claire (unitus board member) and his wife, Nancy all went to meet with the central offices at BSS. BSS is a NGO (non profit org) that serves 20,000 woman and their families just outside of Bangalor. Dr. Amesh is the head of this particular org and moved from the US to India to serve the poor – he learned about micro-finance and wants to help alleviate poverty. I was amazed today just listening to he and some of his staff share about their hearts, vision and mission. That was very powerful. We met for 2 hours and Dave and Clare asked them various questions – Unitus partners with them in their work. Dr. Amesh then took us out for lunch at an Indian restaurant nearby. I am getting use to being stared at 🙂 We headed up to the second floor of the restaurant, which had a/c, and Dr. Amesh ordered for all of us – it was incredibly delicious food – the best meal that I have eaten here so far. We ate it all with our right hand – it was completely vegetarian and he instructed us on what and what not to eat (he is a gastroenterologist by profession). That was a very fun meal and we spent more time talking, asking questions, and dialoguing about his work here in Bangalore. On our way after lunch, walking to the car, I wanted to take some photos of some street vendors, who were selling fruits,vegetables and other trinkets. I ran across the street, pointed to my camera and they all crowded around and wanted me to take their pictures. I am constantly touched by the kindness of the people here. After I took their pictures they wanted to see themselves on the digital camera and then wanted to practice thier english – that was really fun (that was probably the high of my day). I have found that people like to ask me questions, after I have asked them and that they particularly want to hear about my family, my children and my home and why I am here in India – those are very enjoyable conversations. Dave and I then headed out in an auto rickshaw and did some shopping – that was another complete adventure in itself, full of interesting characters, bartering (which Dave was very good at) and some fun purchases. We were pretty tired out after all that and headed back to our hotel. It was a good day.


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