Left handedness and knitting

I’m left handed, which is fine, except when my daughter, Becca, who is right handed wants to learn how to knit. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! None of my kids are left handed and there are certain skills that are just really tricky for me to  teach to right handed people, such as, knitting (which is not something I particularly enjoy, however, I did learn how to knit years ago and actually knit a sweater once, yep). Anyway, Becca is upstairs, trying to knit, I’m trying to be patient, and make my brain communicate to my hand to work the opposite way, so, I decided to take a break and write about it. That’s it. Done. Breathe in, breathe out……….peace…..somebody, somewhere, actually finds joy, life and peace in knitting (I’m just not one).


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