Narbonne, Carcassone, Cassoulet, and Vineyards: France – October, 2018

“Let’s stroll by the seaside, take a walk by the seaside, soak up sun by the seaside, sip espresso by the seaside.” This has a delightful melody in my head; which, unfortunately, dear reader, you are unable to hear. Invitation: next time you stroll by the seaside, see which version you create 🙂 Dimanche, Sunday,…

Procrastination and Cassoulet

I’m not usually one to struggle with procrastination, but this ‘revising’ of my novel is kicking my butt. I have an incredibly deepening respect and gratitude for those authors whom have worked through this stage, completed their writing, and shared it so that I have been able to read amazing and wonderful stories. Thank you….